CA 19113 The European Researchers' Network Working on Second Victims

Mıra J. J.(Executive), Uzun Şahin C.

TÜBİTAK - AB COST Project, 2020 - 2021

  • Project Type: TÜBİTAK - AB COST Project
  • Begin Date: September 2020
  • End Date: December 2021

Project Abstract

Patient Safety is a Priority in Europe. However, unfortunately every year between 8 and 12% of the people admitted to hospitals and around 6% of those in primary care suffer from an adverse event (AE) while receiving healthcare. When an AE does occur, there is a domino effect with healthcare professionals (second victims of these events) also suffering from the knowledge of having harmed their patients (first victims). This second victim phenomenon increases the likelihood of further errors and suboptimal care as consequences of emotional disturbances in the hours after the patient safety event.