Defining “digitally competent teacher”: An examination of pre-service teachers’ metaphor

Çebi A., Reisoğlu İ.

Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, no.-, pp.1-15, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This study aims to determine the perceptions of pre-service teachers regarding the concept of a “digitally competent teacher” through metaphors. The participants consist of 510 pre-service teachers. According to the findings, metaphors for a digitally competent teacher were classified under three themes: digital competence, pedagogical competence, and personal characteristics. Pre-service teachers describe a digitally competent teacher as an individual who has digital competences such as information and data literacy, communication, safety, problem-solving, and productivity; have pedagogical competences such as empowering learners, guiding their students, being the source and transmitter of information, and facilitating learning; have personal characteristics such as being open to change and development, equipped, versatility, valuable, using technology effectively, creative, innovative, and querent. It is predicted that the use of metaphors in the process of training a digitally competent teacher may be effective in correcting the misconceptions of pre-service teachers regarding the concept of a digitally competent teacher and determining the roadmap for their personal and professional development.