Aile Danışmanlığında Gelişimsel Perspektif: Örnek bir uygulama

Türkmen A., Aliyev B.

2.Bilim Teknoloji Kültür Sanat Spor ve Eğitim Kongresi, Baku, Azerbaijan, 25 - 28 June 2024

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Unpublished
  • City: Baku
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Affiliated: Yes


While the family possesses the inherent ability to adapt to various external variables in the outside world, its internal dynamics and systemic functioning continue to evolve. Hence, preventive and developmental services are crucial for the family. These services should not only be offered during crisis moments but also to strengthen intra-family relationships, aiming to enhance the overall quality of life for family members. In this context, developmental-focused family counseling emerges as a structured process tailored to specific stages of the family life cycle. The primary objective of this process is to understand family dynamics, reinforce communication, and support the overall development of the family.The study outlines a four-session developmental-focused family counseling process, each session targeting specific objectives. The first session focuses on understanding the family's past and fundamental dynamics. Emphasis is placed on comprehending the past experiences of family members, identifying the roots of current issues, and highlighting strengths. The second session centers on improving communication skills, understanding communication challenges among family members, and developing more effective communication strategies. The importance of empathy and emotional understanding is acknowledged in this phase.The third session involves a thorough analysis of internal family issues. The goal is to understand the causes of emerging problems and develop solution-focused strategies. Additionally, support is provided for family members to enhance collaboration skills by focusing on common goals. The final session offers the family forward-looking support and strategies. It is anticipated that this process supports the family's long-term healthy development, encouraging members to sustain and enhance the skills they have acquired.Examining the results and short-term impacts of implementing developmental-focused family counseling, primary changes within the family have been observed. Notably, the family has demonstrated improved communication and an increased ability to focus on joint solutions. In conclusion, developmental-focused family counseling offers a preventive approach, aiding families not only during times of crisis but also in improving overall family life quality and enhancing members' effective role fulfillment. Early provision of such services can contribute to societal well-being by enabling families to discover their strengths and resolve issues more effectively.


Keywords: Developmental-Focused Family Counseling, Family Relationships, Applied Family Therapy

                        Psychological Development