Metalik ve Metal Oksit Nanomalzemelerin Sentezi

Demirbaş A. , Karaytug T., Arabacı İstifli N., Yilmaz E. S. , Ocsoy I.

Biyoenerji Uygulamaları için Nanomalzemelerin Yeşil Sentezi, Neha Srivastava,Manish Srivastava,P. K. Mishra,Vijai Kumar Gupta, Editör, John Wiley & Sons, West Sussex, UK , New Jersey, ss.99-123, 2020

  • Yayın Türü: Kitapta Bölüm / Araştırma Kitabı
  • Basım Tarihi: 2020
  • Yayınevi: John Wiley & Sons, West Sussex, UK 
  • Basıldığı Şehir: New Jersey
  • Sayfa Sayıları: ss.99-123
  • Editörler: Neha Srivastava,Manish Srivastava,P. K. Mishra,Vijai Kumar Gupta, Editör


Materials in nano size called “nanomaterials” convey novel and enhanced properties based upon their size, shape, morphology, and component and have been intensively employed in a variety of scientific and industrial fields. Specifically, nanomaterials have been exposed to humans, plants, and animals, so toxicity of nanomaterials is a crucial issue that must be investigated and documented when exposed to living organisms. Researchers have focused on various surfactants, surface engineering strategies, and synthesis methods to create less harmful or biocompatible nanomaterials. This present review comprehensively and comparatively focuses on most rapid growth and exciting research on a variety of nanomaterials, their synthesis methods, and nanomaterial surface designing strategies.