Selfie affect on the psychology of young individuals

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Herald of Dagestan State University , Humanitarian sciences, vol.2, pp.86-93, 2017 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


People take selfies more and more every day. Why? We know little about it. Researches show there is connection between selfies and human’s personality though in interpreting these relations there is no consensus among researchers. People take selfies for many reasons but there is also a psychological aspect that is not known to us. There is a connection between a person’s self-esteem and the number of taking and sharing selfies. The study involved 68 respondents, half of whom were men. Every subscriber completed the tests including demographic scale, the Selfie questionnaire and Rosenberg's self-assessment scale. According to the results of the study, we learned that people, who have much more self-respect, make more selfies. People with high self -respect share selfies much more often than others. And people who don’t have self-respect share only a few selfies. The researchers found that people try to increase their self-respect by means of sharing selfies. Keywords: selfi as a way of self-expression, personality psychology, photography, communication, selfishness.