A Study on The Concept and Causes of Destination Rejection

Karakuş Y., Kalay N.

Uluslararası Yönetim İktisat ve İşletme Dergisi, vol.13, no.3, pp.643-658, 2017 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


During the process of consumer's decision of purchase, the individual is assumed to choose the most appropriate product. Thus, the products which do not have the feature of being the most appropriate product are not preferred. However, in some cases the consumers can refuse the product for some reasons. The point to be emphasized here is the difference between not preferring and refusing. The concept of destination rejection which is a consumer behaviour, and which can be seen in destinations as a touristic product is the subject of this study. When the literature is reviewed, it is noticed that there is no study about refusing destinations in terms of anticonsumption though there are studies about preference of destinations. Thanks to this study which focuses on the factors leading to destination rejection, we also aim to contribute towards filling this gap in literature. In this study in which the Cappadocia Region is taken up, the factors which can lead to destination rejection are put in order according to their level of significance through AHP method. The aim of the study is to help the concept of destination rejection to be understood by local and national administrations and all other stakeholders. And also we aimed to contribute to the filling of the gap in the literature and as well as recommend contemporary work area for future studies.