Role of Strategic Entrepreneurship to Develop the Enterprises

Gujrati R., Uygun H.

SMS Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, vol.6, pp.21-27, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Role of Strategic Entrepreneurship to  Develop the Enterprises

Strategic Entrepreneurship plays a very important role in various areas such as economics psychology and

social rather than organization behavior and Organization theory.

 In this paper, we have merged statistical management and Entrepreneurship to strategic entrepreneurship. To

grow strategic entrepreneurship we have focus and input what is out to explain our view of the buildup of

strategic entrepreneurship. We try to add separate knowledge and skills to develop the strategic

entrepreneurship especially tried to build and explore the resource planning practice which is important for

strategic entrepreneurship. Through that its outcomes is for creating value for customers, increasing wealth

for stakeholders and trying to develop the benefit for participants of society.     


Another entrepreneur also gets benefits and financial wealth products and personal satisfaction and joy.

Which they need to get better. Therefore we developed a strategic entrepreneurships model to motivate

entrepreneurs. Presently there are multiple types of entrepreneurs but they have not planned how to be

successful. Moreover, there are a lot of successful entrepreneurs in the world. To find out why some

entrepreneurs are successful and others are not successful. Even entrepreneur role model of the economic

engine which motivates many nations' wealth.

Keywords:  Strategic Entrepreneurship, Strategic management, economic engine