An investigation of the professional values of elementary teachers based on parents views

Karabacak N.

Psycho-Educational Research Reviews, vol.12, no.3, pp.544-560, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The basic key to achieving success in education is the teacher. When studies

and the literature about effective teacher qualities are investigated, it

appears that personality traits, academic educational history and

experiences of teachers are important. Current research revealed that

teachers provide qualified education with their professional values and this

elevates the quality of education. Class teachers, especially, have a duty in

socialization of the child. The professional values of teachers in the primary

school period appear to have a significant effect on the academic success

and future of students. In this research, the professional values of primary

school teachers were investigated according to the opinions of parents of

primary school students. This research used qualitative methods and

techniques for data collection and analysis. The results of the research

revealed the importance of being a researcher teacher in the context of class

teaching as a profession requiring continuity in primary school, parents of

students had very high levels of awareness about the professional values of

class teachers and had high expectations from class teachers. These results

show the need to invest in class teacher education to cultivate versatile class

teachers who are equipped with professional values to be able to cope with

changing problems in the 21st century and to achieve success in education.