Examination of Fractional Number Sense in Eight Graders with High Academic Performance

Kartal A., Pırasa N.

Education Quarterly Reviews, vol.5, no.3, pp.297-308, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This study revealed the fractional number sense form associated with daily life and the number sense of 8th-grade students with high academic success. This study aimed to determine fractional number sense which in eighth graders with high academic performance. This study has a qualitative patterned. The sample consisted of 20 students from the middle schools in Pazar, the province of Rize. Participation was voluntary. İnterviews were conducted with participants to address their fractional number sense and strategies. The data were collected using an interview form developed by the researcher. The form consisted of 15 items on number sense components (computational estimation, operation effect, number magnitude, using a benchmark, and equivalent representation) related to daily life. The data were analyzed using descriptive content analysis. As result of this study; Very few participants used number sense. Most participants turned to rule-based solutions to answer the questions. None of the participants was successful in executing number sense. The fact that the items were related to daily life helped us reveal fractional number sense.