A Responsive Approach to Curricular Needs of Turkish Educational System: Curriculum Based on Reason, Values and Culture

Akıncı M., Kurt A.

International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies (IJOCIS) , vol.12, no.1, pp.215-246, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The purpose of this research is to identify problems with formal curricula at different levels of education in Türkiye and to present an approach that offers solutions in line with these problems. In accordance with this purpose, document analysis design within the framework of systematic review was used in the research. In this context, the curriculum evaluation studies carried out between the years 2012-2021 were examined by using content analysis. In addition, the commonplaces of different curriculum approaches from various sources have been revealed. Curriculum evaluation studies conducted in Türkiye show that the curricula have various problems in terms of commonplaces such as teacher, learner, subject matter, context, and curriculum making. Moreover, in these studies it has been suggested that comprehensive updates be made in the curricula to solve the identified problems. Based on these findings, a curriculum approach has been proposed, which is believed to contribute to the solution of the curriculum problems. The Reason, Values, and Culture-Based Approach is a responsive approach that aims to train individuals who attach importance to mental and cultural values. In addition to the solution proposals in the approach put forward, various suggestions were presented to the institutions responsible for the curriculum development process in Türkiye and to researchers who will study corresponding issues.