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Mete B., Acuner E.

International Journal of Business & Management Studies, vol.3, no.2, pp.499-506, 2014 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


  • The “value chain” for any firm in any business is the linked set of value-creating activities all the way from basic raw material sources for component suppliers through to the ultimate end-use product delivered into the final consumers’ hands. The importance of this analysis has risen with globalization and the increase in competition among companies. The companies should expose their strengths and weaknesses, realize and improve their value-creating activities to compete and increase their market share. The value chain analysis can be made in industry level or firm level. In this paper the value chain model adapted to tourism sector. Tourism is a sector that produces complex product, is integrated and its sub-sectors are extremely interdependent. To make a value chain analysis for tourism is needed to research all actors that operate in this sector. In this paper qualitative method was employed and expert opinion and semi-structured in-depth interview were conducted as data collection method. As a result, it is tried to constitute the value chain model of Turkish tourism sector.