Global Trends in Digital Marketing

Guce D., Gujrati R., Uygun H.

Amity Journal of Computational Sciences (AJCS), vol.4, no.1, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Today in the 21st century everything is changing the world is transforming into technology. Everything is transforming in digital –education, entertainment health, real estate banking retail sector all is moving toward digitalization .in this year businesses have started to plan their strategy and understanding that the situation of business consequence has been changing endlessly toward the technology. Whether they like or dislike but firms are adapting to the online marketing process. For the business digital marketing are lower cost and boundless profitable encouragement. Digital marketing app is electronic media marketers use it to promote their goods and services into the market. The main purpose of the digital market is to invite the consumer to introduce the brand through media. There is no limit to the digital market.To promotes their company, it has a lot of things to promote their goods and services with the smartphone, tablet laptop, digital billboards, and a lot of other social media. This paper is going to view the transforming market towards the digital trend. Keywords: Digital Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Trends, Digitization, Social Media, Internet.