Comparison of trabecular bone structure in individuals with healthy periodontium and stage III/IV, grade C periodontitis by fractal analysis

Korkmaz M. Z., Altin A., GÜNAÇAR D. N., KÖSE T. E.

Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology, vol.135, no.3, pp.427-432, 2023 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Objective: The aim was to perform fractal analysis (FA) to compare differences in trabecular microarchitecture in interdental and antegonial regions on panoramic radiographs in periodontally healthy patients and those with stage III/IV, grade C periodontitis, and to compare the effects of patient age and sex on FA results. Study Design: Clinical and radiographic records from 33 periodontally healthy individuals and 28 individuals with aggressive periodontitis were obtained from the faculty archives. Three regions of interest (ROIs) were chosen bilaterally from interdental bone around the mandibular first molar and canine and the antegonial region. The mean fractal dimension (FD) values of the ROIs were calculated. Significance of differences was established at P < .05. Results: FD values of all 3 ROIs in the periodontitis group were significantly lower than values in the control group (P ≤ .004). FD was not affected by patient age (P = .357) or sex (P = .216). There were no significant correlations between FD and age in either group (P ≥ .093). FD values differed significantly between sexes in only one ROI. Conclusions: FA can effectively detect trabecular microarchitectural differences in patients with aggressive periodontitis compared to periodontally healthy individuals. This technique might be useful in predicting the susceptibility of patients to periodontal disease.