Simple Correction of the Congenital Cleft Earlobe

Karaci S., KÖSE R.

JOURNAL OF MAXILLOFACIAL & ORAL SURGERY, vol.15, 2016 (ESCI) identifier identifier identifier


The appearance of the ear is an important component of the facial characteristics. Lower auricular malformations are less frequent than total or upper auricular malformations. The patients are affected unilaterally in general. Cleft earlobe is frequently encountered among earlobe anomalies. The presented case may be classified as longitudinal type according to Kitayama (Jpn J Plast Reconstr Surg 11:663-670, 1980). Many of the correction methods may lead to patient discomfort due to possible conspicuous scar. The patient was a 5 year old girl. In the presented case, a simple method has been performed. Satisfactory outcome is achieved. As a simple method applying longitudinal division and rotation procedure does not have marginal excision. Furthermore there is no additional incision outside the cleft margin. Local flap and graft are not applied. Conservative approach was maintained with respect to scar occurrence. This method is not favourable in the case of acquired split earlobe deformities due to the wide cleft surface. Postoperative 3rd-month appearance demonstrated adequate correction.